Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review (2013)

STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has Captain Kirk and his crew battling a rogue admiral and a deceptive, superhuman man who isn’t the person he says he is. STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS has some poignant references to previous STAR TREK movies and a redemptive, moral worldview, but the multiple openings and endings, excessive foul language, and a humanist line that’s not refuted are annoying and exhausting.

A note before we begin: This review is spoiler-free. We’ll have a more in-depth analysis (with spoilers) on Monday, after everyone has had a chance to see the movie, courtesy of our TNG and DS9 recapper Keith DeCandido. However, we can’t guarantee that there will be no spoilers in the comment section below, so proceed with caution if you don’t want to be spoiled before seeing the film!

There is no doubt that Star Trek Into Darkness is an engaging and action-packed Sci-Fi adventure, even if it does have its problems. The good news is that Paramount’s Blu-Ray release is demo-disc” worthy material in terms of Video and Audio quality, the bad star trek into the darkness movie news is that the special features are somewhat lacking the depth that Trek fans deserve. Star Trek Into Darkness is a very fun entry in the franchise, and I have to recommend this release on its technical merits alone. Live long and prosper Schmoeville.

Benedict Cumberbatch is so wasted as Khan that it’s criminal. I mean, Khan is wasted in general but even within that Cumberbatch has little to do beyond growl bad lines and stand about. He punches some guys, he jumps a little, but mostly he stands about. Cumberbatch seems to think he’s playing Hannibal Lecter (and since Abrams visually recreates some Lecter and Clarice moments that isn’t surprising), but he forgot to bring any depth to the character. Or to look at the iconic performance of Ricardo Montalban.

I knew you point out the villain surrendering in the MIDDLE THE FILM!? AGAIN!? I didn’t mind the Star Trek 2 Referrences but what’s going on with the villian getting caught on purpose in movies these days? Yes that was cool at first but now it’s predictible! But I suppose that falls into the conundrum of writing for a character who is smarter than you are, and actually figuring out a believable mistake they could make. Sometimes you just can’t.

Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Review (2013)

The short review: Visually stunning and occasionally logically lacking, Star Trek Into Darkness is nothing else if not a 3D boatload – or starshipload – of fun, buoyed by an immensely likable cast and a script that offers banter aplenty with clever nods to series history, and manages to touch on a few potent political issues in between its interstellar spectacle and warp speed pacing.

As far as why Kirk changed his mind, I thought it was obvious that he had been contemplating what Spock, Scotty, etc. had said and concluded they were right. Kirk is supposed to ultimately have a conscious even if he sometimes goes off half-cocked. they couldnt beam because they couldnt go near the volcano withouth risking showing the enterprise to the natives. also, i believe there is something about jamming.

Wow, this is exactly how I felt about the movie. I also love the last line of this review, the antithesis of this series’ proclamation, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” They certainly did nothing of the sort when designing this highly derivative remake of a far superior film. Maybe more attention should be paid to listening to dialogue than getting hung up on what you think are flaws.

Pretty good review on AICN news by Harry Knowles. I don’t always agree with him and definitely think that website has certain people in Hollywood who treat them well so they return that treatment in kind. But Abrams movies are a Star Trek for a new generation and they are also for star trek into the darkness movie a new allegory. In the 60s Star Trek had allusions to the Cold War and the civil rights movement. This is a Star Trek for post-9/11. The reason that Khan is different is because the timeline has been altered. Starfleet is being militarized after the destruction of Vulcan.

Not a bad review, mostly accurate, especially the action scenes being shot like Star Wars, the shuttle chase on Kronos scene was M-falcon all over. There were terrible spoon fed giveaways through out, you always knew what was coming and Khan was a wasted opportunity, but hey about a million times better than GI Joe and Iron Man. Star Trek movies are not one-off stand-alone entities-they NEED backstory. They need a series to draw upon.

Keanu Reeves Stars In Bogus Update Of 47 Ronin Movie

Between the prospect of Hollywood’s sexing up a legendary Japanese story with rampaging C.G.I. monsters and the eager reports of a protracted production , there has been ample opportunity to hobble 47 Ronin” long before its warriors finally emerge in theaters.

In the widely accepted version of events, the evil Lord Kira provokes the stoic Lord Asano repeatedly into attacking him, disgracing himself and his house in the process. Asano is ordered to commit seppuku, and his land is handed over to Kira. Now rendered masterless “ronin”, Asano’s samurai guards are disgraced and banished, but 47 of his most loyal men vow to avenge their master – an act they know will bring about their own deaths.

The Hollywood machine is back with its habit of making foreign tales into popcorn flicks with the sole purpose of entertaining audiences, something that 47 Ronin manages to aim as the whole ride is a fun 2 hour adventure. However, as a film based on Japanese folklore 47 Ronin doesn’t quite work, for multiple reasons, first of which is the language; it is shocking to hear the whole Japanese cast speaking English from the first minute with not even a hint of Japanese. Not only does this feel odd, it also ruins some performances a bit, since multiple Japanese cast members don’t have great foreign language skills.

To say these issues pushed back the movie’s eventual release is an understatement, as it was initially scheduled for December of 2012. In late 2012, Universal clearly voiced its concern when it pulled Rinsch from further work on the film’s editing, putting studio executives in charge who were almost a full 47 ronin movie hemisphere away from the London shoot. Go ahead and read the article in that link, and consider that it was posted in September of 2012. You know it’s a bad sign when you can go back 15 months to find an article about all the production problems a movie has been having, and the film still isn’t out.

i am really looking forward to seeing Asano Tadanobu on the big screen here in the states. stating he often looks uncomfortable and embarrassed, is pretty harsh. i would say your projecting some personal hangup on actors you wish where above being in this film. basically, you think he’s such a poor actor, he is incapable of doing his job due to the wretched source material and is a gigantic sellout. some real hostility there. your review actually made me want to see it more. thanks.

47 Ronin Movie Review

It’s about honour and violence. And sacrifice. It’s about bearded men who are prepared to sacrifice themselves in a violent manner. For honour. This has to be John Milius’ favourite movie of the year and while it won’t be yours it has a diverting charm.

Today’s movie up for review is 47 Ronin, an American samurai action fantasy starring 47 ronin movie Keanu Reeves . It is the latest in the line of Chushingura, presenting a fictional account of the historical incident at the start of the 18th century involving the Forty-seven ronin taking revenge for their master’s death, and as a result of committing murder, the group were forced to commit seppuku, and is considered one of the great tales of Japanese legend and the most famous example of the bushido code of honour.

There isn’t much I have to comment on as far as the movie’s plot is concerned. It’s your typical Feudal-Japan warrior movie, with some mythical elements to it, but thankfully not as much disregard for laws of physics as locally-directed movies tend to have. Imagine that, I’m singing the praises of Hollywood producers. As a movie, it wasn’t either super engaging or boring to tears, it was just a semi-accurate retelling of an actual story from Japanese history. But that’s where my interest lay.

After that ending, some people were in disappoint (probably with the obliviousness of how much honor means in Japan). I with many others were pretty moved with the love story and the amount of honor that was present with the 47 (46) Ronin that died honorably. Basically, I enjoyed it. It was a fun time and had some cool looking action scenes. It was also visually, pretty…and that’s about it.

Now as the legend goes, the Oishi promises to avenge his lord by gathering up his men, now ronin. To aid in the confrontation, he also seeks the help of Kai, who has become quite the skilled fighter in his own right. A plan is put into play to avenge Asano, save Mika, and conquer the now overtaken village. Compared to 70% of the garbage in theaters, this movie is both quite deep and fun to watch.

47 Ronin (2013) Synopsis

At the conclusion of 47 Ronin, just before the end credits roll, a narrator tells us that the story is an important one about Japanese honor and nobility that has been told for hundreds of years.

Verdict: Watchable Hollywood garbage for Keanu Reeves fans and those who’re ignorant of the classics and the actual events. There’s a first time for everything, and boy am I glad I get to review the 47 Ronin Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack, because this is the first time I’ve ever seen a movie that has been the victim of terrible marketing so much so that even several synopsis I saw online were actually bordering on wrong.

Solemn as a funeral march, humorless as your junior high principal, as Japanese as a grocery-store California roll, Keanu Reeves’s let’s-mope-about-and-kill-ourselves samurai drama has exactly three things going for it. Ha nice one! I just wish the story and characters made me care a little more so I could enjoy the action that there was. Mr. Game and Watch is a complex, 3-dimensional character, you just have to look beyond the surface.

I also think that the more you know about the original 47 Ronin Movie story and the more you know about Japan and Japanese myth, the more you will enjoy this film. If you don’t know much about the original tale or are totally clueless concerning Japanese folklore/myth, some parts of the movie might be a bit confusing. Thats it mate, with this sort of film as long as you have a bit of fun thats all that matters.

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